Options to climb


Option I: Just Climb Package

The easiest way to start climbing at Rockville is to use our auto-belay system which is a system that controls the safety ropes for adults and children alike.  This is also a great option if you are coming in to climb on your own.  

Click here to see the auto-belay in action!

Kids (12 and under) climbing pass and harness: $23

Adults (13 and older) climbing pass, harness, and climbing shoes: $28


Option II: Intro to Belaying

Available Monday through Friday

If you've already done the Just Climb Package and want to get more involved in climbing, the next step is to learn how to control the safety ropes and climb in roped areas.  Includes day pass for climbing, belay lesson, equipment rental, and second day pass with gear for a return visit.   

Must be aged 14 years or older.  

Package: $50